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  • Summary: The fourth live release for the rock band was recorded from two appearances at KCRW's Santa Monica studios in April 2013.
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  1. Dec 2, 2013
    There are songs here reinterpreted slightly to fit the format, then those that need full reinvention and finally, least interestingly, those that it seems are included only because they are written and usually performed in line with the bare-bones remit.
  2. Dec 2, 2013
    It means Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds end the year as they began it: demonstrating they are a band in very fine health.
  3. Q Magazine
    Jan 28, 2014
    Its riveting, yarn-spinning intimacy enhanced by the singer's dry patter. [Feb 2014, p.113]
  4. 80
    Those who like their Bad Seeds really bad may be disappointed with the tracklisting, but what stands true with this release is that Cave can be at his most powerful when at his most soulful.
  5. Dec 30, 2013
    While the appearance of "Jack the Ripper" is a rip-roaring atomic bomb amidst these supple paeans, it's a record that showcases a band comfortable at the peak of its powers.
  6. Classic Rock Magazine
    Jan 2, 2014
    Thunder, bottled. [Feb 2014, p.95]
  7. 60
    It's a classy, dialled-down performance in an American radio studio around the time of this year's Coachella festival.

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