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  1. The Emotional Rescue LP asserts the fact that the band not only has exceptional songwriting talent, but has finally concocted a potent mixture of poppy melodies to complement their core of tranquil notes and minimalist orchestrations.
  2. A release that seems to present a band on the verge of an artistic breakthrough.
  3. Mojo
    Windsor For The Derby have finally planed away the rough edges from their music. [Dec 2002, p.110]
  4. The Wire
    The emphasis now is on the delicate interplay between acousitc guitars, and vocals which sound somewhere between Jonathan Donahue and Syd Barrett. [#221, p.66]
  5. The lyrical prowess is here, but the detached, half-spoken vocals make the album sound like the emotional investment isn't.
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  1. Frankie
    Oct 15, 2003
    this album is pretty haunting....but the standout piece is "awkwardness". that song alone is worth the price of admission.