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  • Summary: The quintet from Leeds releases its debut full-length album.
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  1. White Fields and Open Devices is simply one of those albums that is well-composed and well-executed.
  2. Of course there will always be some who are sceptical and ultimately dismissive of mainly instrumentally-based, experimental rock albums such as this, and on hearing White Fields And Open Devices I'd say the five members of Vessels are almost certainly among them. Which is exactly why they should be commended on making one of the most forward-thinking, non-generic records you're likely to hear this year.
  3. White Fields and Open Devices is positively brimming with ideas, some more innovative than others, but all executed with the flair and assurance of an outfit who have antecedent imitation far from mind.
  4. The music they weave always, without fail, stays just the right side of pretentious, playing with past conventions and current trends, showing how clever they are without showing off.
  5. Mar 24, 2011
    Helioscope represents another intriguing release from a band who remain a hugely promising proposition.