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  1. Like Dylan going electric, Frank Sinatra going disco, and Kojak going bald, this is a watershed work for Nick Currie...
  2. Momus's brittle voice and roguish humor is an acquired taste, but for the smarty-pants listeners who gobble up high-concept art pieces, Folktronic is a "fake folk" masterpiece.
  3. And while, at times, Momus constructs a bitingly clever post-modern take on folk music, Folktronic has an unfortunate tendency to choke on its own concept, rendering the album a bit hard to swallow.
  4. Though The Little Red Songbook and Stars Forever would be better introductions to the wonderful world of baroque pop, Folktronic is a must-have for Momus fanatics.
  5. 60
    And if you've ever wondered what might happen if Jean Michel Jarre polluted the folk tradition of a Blue Ridge town, or you want to hear references to British pantomime, Bruce Haack, and Karen Finley within ten minutes-or if you're Japanese-this is probably your album of the year.
  6. Alternative Press
    The crossbreeding makes for a difficult listen, even thought it sharpens the Oscar Wilde-like wit Momus brings to the endeavor. [#155, p.86]
  7. It's all so clever and thought-provoking that it's almost possible to overlook that, in most other respects, it's not especially good.
  8. Magnet
    While in his mind, Momus might indeed be a giant, to those of us growing weary of his increasingly tedious shtick, he just might be a weenie. [#50, p.99]
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  1. AdamD
    Jun 26, 2006
    Simply way underrated.