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  1. Jun 18, 2020
    “Pick Me Up Off the Floor” is a cohesive journey reflecting both tragically and sweetly on the amorphous cloud of heartache that lingers in these moments of pain, offering a hand to help us out of the fog.
  2. Jun 26, 2020
    Jazzy, soulful, philosophical and intimate, Jones seems to have found a poetic lyrical voice to match her sensuous voice and sensitive piano phrasing.
  3. Jun 22, 2020
    The music is set to do-not-disturb, but Jones has found a nuanced, emotive way to discuss loss, lies, regret, indecision and depression, along with the value of protest and defiance.
  4. Jun 12, 2020
    This blend of warmth and invention is what's so appealing about Pick Me Up Off the Floor: the shape may seem familiar, but the construction of the songs and the inventiveness of the performance keeps it fresh and surprising even after the first listen.
  5. Jun 11, 2020
    At times Pick Me Up Off The Floor feels like a welcoming musical refuge. It’s an intimate, empathising support mechanism of an album, well-placed to respond to the emotional needs of listeners during these turbulent times.
  6. Uncut
    Jun 9, 2020
    Pick Me Up Off The Floor hangs together wonderfully. [Jun 2020, p.33]
  7. Mojo
    Jun 9, 2020
    A transporting treat, tapping both the personal and the universally political. [Jun 2020, p.86]
  8. 80
    It’s fortunate that Jones chose to hold on to these songs – they form one of the most intriguing records she’s released in years.
  9. Jun 9, 2020
    As the album nears its end, it gets more luminous.
  10. 70
    The dichotomy of Jones’ softer touch with material subtly flowing into darker, more ominous territory and instrumentation that expands her palette into moodier areas provides Pick Me Off the Floor with its tensest moments. Perhaps she hasn’t gone far enough since the tone of the ballad-heavy album could use a little more juice to mix things up. But the eclectic, always classy Jones tweaks even the most unruffled tracks here with enough of an edge to keep things interesting.
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Universal acclaim- based on 15 Ratings

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  2. Negative: 1 out of 15
  1. Jul 11, 2020
    Very nice album, very relaxing, little dark.
    I love the sound
    Nora as been creating very good themes
  2. Jul 7, 2020
    Worthies (4/11):
    - Flame Twin
    - Say No More
    - Were You Watching?
    - Stumble On My Way
  3. Jun 17, 2020
    This is such an incredible album. I hope it gets the recognition it deserves.