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  • Summary: This is the second album for the eclectic, multi-lingual New York band that, despite its name, is largely male and definitely not Brazilian.
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  1. Blender
    They sounded great in the lounge; the garage suits them even better. [Oct 2006, p.130]
  2. Spin
    Multicultural, cosmopolitan, intellectual dance music: Ibiza meets punk, dub goes tango, trance gets smart. [Oct 2006, p.95]
  3. Sophisticated as all this is, bits of it still flop, and other bits seem like they've gone overboard on the sophistication.
  4. It has, in one fell swoop, dismissed any doubts about the band’s legitimacy, while offering a nearly solid 12 tracks of sex, rhythms and mystery.
  5. Brazilian Girls maintain the same kinetic thrust and hook-laden melodies as before, but they've turned up the rhythmic aggression and electronic squelch to 11.
  6. On Talk to La Bomb, the main elements of the Brazilian Girls debut are still in place, but both vocal and instrumental elements head toward the middle, leaving us with a more polished and ultimately less satisfying listen.
  7. The songs are breezy to the point of vapidity.

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  1. AliceR
    Nov 3, 2006
    This album makes me want to grab a popsicle and spend all afternoon dancing in the sunshine.
  2. kasb
    Nov 8, 2006
    This album is much messier and more dissonant than the first. The songs on the first album just fit together much better.