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  • Summary: The Silent League is the new orchestral pop outfit for Mercury Rev touring keyboardist Justin Russo. On this debut disc, Russo and the other five permanent group members were joined by Grasshopper from Mercury Rev, Interpol drummer Sam Fogarino, and Grand Mal's Bill Whitten.
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  1. Sublime and spacey, delicate and dramatic.
  2. Mojo
    A splendid corollary to Mercury Rev's 1998 pastoral masterpiece, Deserter's Songs. [Jan 2005, p.94]
  3. Magnet
    It's not only the supremely crafted song structures that give this album its classic feel but also the trickery-free production and Russo's slightly grayed tenor. [#64, p.107]
  4. There's a decidedly reigned-in grandeur to the orchestrally-focused Silent League. The strings and things are never allowed to get overly carried away in their stratospherics, the slide guitar and saw are supplied in delicate veins rather than employed in over-styled extravagance.
  5. The Silent League sounds pretty, but their gooey emotional stuff doesn't run very deep.
  6. The Orchestra's more stripped-down songs are its most effective, possibly because, with just guitar, piano, bass and drums, they give the melodies and vocal hooks more room to breathe.
  7. It’s hard to fault an album for being too much of a good thing, but there it is. Songs like “Goliath”, “Glass Walls” and “Linus” just blend together. By the end you no longer look forward to another swooping, disheartened melody, you want variety of any kind.

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  1. lisam
    Apr 21, 2005