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Summary: One of the first Next Big Things of 2002, Sweden's The Hives follow last year's media darlings The Strokes and The White Stripes in bringing the rock back to alternative rock. The only catch is that the band has been around for over a decade, with this particular album actually dating back to 2000, when it gained a limited U.S. release on a tiny Epitaph imprint. However, the Swedes were able to benefit from the rush to capitalize on the neo-garage/punk-rock movement by scoring a major label deal in early 2002 and a rerelease of this, their second full-length. (They've got The Strokes beat on length, though, managing to release an even shorter album, at just 27 minutes.)
Record Label: Warner Bros. / Burning Heart / Epitaph
Genre(s): Indie, Rock, Alternative
Name: The Hives
Credit: Primary Artist

Track Listings

01 The Hives - Declare Guerre Nucleaire 07 The Hives-Introduce the Metric System in Time
02 Die, All Right! 08 Find Another Girl
03 A Get Together to Tear It Apart 09 Statecontrol
04 Main Offender 10 Inspection Wise 1999
05 Outsmarted 11 Knock Knock
06 Hate to Say I Told You So 12 Supply and Demand