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  • Summary: Martin Gore and members of The Libertines guest on the electro-pop duo's second effort.
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  1. They're one of those rare propositions in British Pop - A Great Idea On Paper.... Often, it works, leaping off the page and becoming something you'd actually want to slip into your state of the art entertainment hub at the end of a hard day shredding documents.
  2. City is a noticeably fleshier beast than its predecessor; the album is lush and sophisticated with hooks aplenty.
  3. For anyone with even half a hankering for electronic heaven, this is non-stop introspective wonderland.
  4. Thoughtful production, meatier music, and broader scope makes City worth hearing.
  5. Fans of Client will appreciate the more dynamic edge to City... but those without a history with the band may write it off as another limp post-electroclash exercise.
  6. City is so drab that the cameos from the Libertines' frontmen get lost in the darkness.
  7. The vocals of Clients A and B fall completely flat; abetted by simplistic lyrics, monotonous delivery and accents (Scottish and upperclass English) that frequently make their hackneyed lines sound like a couple of bored, unimaginative teenagers trying way too hard to be rebelliously outré.

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