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  • Summary: The latest full-length release for the North Carolina progressive metal band is a follow-up to 2007's Colors and was produced with Jamie King.
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  1. Sep 1, 2021
    The uninitiated are likely to be overwhelmed by such a glut of material, particularly when it takes so many stylistic detours and about-turns. It’s worth the endeavour, though, because there’s some sublime music here, deep and diverse, which has plenty to offer nerds and newbies alike.
  2. Sep 1, 2021
    It's certainly BTBAM's heaviest in a while, paying tribute to the BTBAM's watershed record without copy-pasting. It might fall short of wall-to-wall iconic status, but they already achieved that.
  3. The Wire
    Sep 1, 2021
    Colors II is musically all over the shop, offering an experience that’s akin to being on a sonic rollercoaster that’s scarily still under construction. But for all that it’s still one hell of a ride! [Sep 2021, p.62]
  4. Sep 1, 2021
    It’s too much. As much as I enjoy the solid starts a la “Monochrome” and “The Double Helix of Extinction” there’s a lot of filler and needless over indulgence in the form of gimmick.
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  1. Dec 1, 2021
    The original Colors album was a landmark album in the genre, and this album is a great sequel to it. There are plenty of callbacks andThe original Colors album was a landmark album in the genre, and this album is a great sequel to it. There are plenty of callbacks and variations of musical motifs from the original that will probably make you smile if you've heard it, but there's even more new material that results in it forging its own identity, too. To someone who never expected an album like this to ever exist or even having thought to wish for it, this was something I never knew that I wanted... In short, if you loved the original, this is the release for you.

    The only real nitpick that I really have is that you can feel the loss of the youthful vigor they once had, back when the original came out nearly a decade and a half ago. Some of the most memorable parts of the original release were the goofier ones (like the bar/hoedown part in Ants of the Sky), and that's something that doesn't really manifest here... that being said, it's still hard to fault them too much for that.