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  • Summary: The release notes say that this is the third installment in the trilogy that began with "Not For Threes" and "Rest Proof Clockwork" and that it deals with the "duality of the ear." Hey, as long as it sounds good.
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  1. A showcase of complementary flavours that burst out of the electronica ghetto.
  2. Double Figure is as instantly memorable, not to mention listenable an IDM record as you are likely to hear this year.
  3. The Wire
    Double Figure is as good as anything they have done. [#207, p.65]
  4. 80
    Double Figure further fuses the themes fans have come to expect, but feels even more warm and organic than past efforts.
  5. The disjointed juxtaposition of styles on this disc is so pronounced that it feels intentional; like The White Album or Jega's Spectrum, this record underscores its versatility at the expense of consistency.
  6. The disc ranges from Vangelis-esque dirges to beautifully chiming background music to sprightly pop melodies, and Handley and Turner rarely fail to give the impression that somebody is in the studio pressing the buttons.
  7. Alternative Press
    Double Figure forms a mysterious narrative filled with enough breaks and builds to keep the most jaded beathead more than satisfied. [Aug 2001, p.96]

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