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  • Summary: With all but the vocals recorded live to tape, Wolf Parade's new release promises massive sound and heavy-hitting lyrics, which is what we've come to expect from this innovative indie-rock quartet.

Top Track

Cloud Shadow on the Mountain
I was asleep in a hammock, I was dreaming that I was a web. I was a dreamcatcher hanging in the window of a mini-van parked along the water's... See the rest of the song lyrics
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  1. It might be difficult to expect such restlessly creative musicmakers to sit still for long, but Expo 86 shows that Wolf Parade could be a place worth settling in for a while.
  2. The Montreal quartet is mostly successful in this balancing act, delivering a handful of thematically-obtuse pop missiles heavy on reverb and guitar, with trademark synths still lurking low in the mix.
  3. Expo 86 proves that Krug and Boeckner still can do what's always been most important, namely writing songs that still kick *** at every available opportunity.
  4. The lyrics are less interesting, the songs are uneven, and while ultimately Expo 86 sounds like Wolf Parade-and sounds good, even-it doesn't feel like Wolf Parade, if that makes sense.
  5. Expo 86 is good, it's just not great. Wolf Parade, the 2010 model, are good, not great.
  6. It has the feel of something assembled at a factory with Wolf Parade parts left over from previous albums. It consolidates strengths rather than taking any bold steps forward.
  7. Expo 86, if nothing else, feels like the realization of a Wolf Parade sound; the exquisite Apologies carried the long shadow of its producer Isaac Brock, and Mount Zoomer felt too often like two personalities careening off each other rather than finding some common ground.

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