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  • Summary: The latest full-length release for the solo project of Eva Moolchan was produced with Jacknife Lee and mixed by Carlos Hernadez.
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Score distribution:
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  1. Aug 24, 2020
    Neither rap nor pop, punk, or rock in any traditional sense, Sneaks continues to keep it fresh and original on another strong outing.
  2. Mojo
    Sep 1, 2020
    Great punk-funk (Faith), but the real triumphs are her alliance of Le Tigre-level sass and superior tunes. [Oct 200, p.94]
  3. Aug 24, 2020
    Happy Birthday is strikingly raw. Moolchan’s refusal to bend to conventional song structure or recording techniques gives the music a sense of joyful rebellion. ... But as an artist whose defining quality is economy of language and texture, she falters when her songs are packed with too much sonic stimulation.
  4. Aug 24, 2020
    Eva Moolchan reaches new heights in her career on Happy Birthday, but not without encountering a few bumps in the road. Even at its questionable points, though, there is something beautifully refreshing about a new Sneaks album — Moolchan is having fun, and she doesn't care what you think about it.
  5. 60
    The track list lurches, rather than blends seamlessly, and on the spacey ‘This World’ she plays with an atonal vocal line (and the admittedly great lyric “you little prick – what do you know?”) that typifies her preference for experimentalism over accessibility. Even so, Moolchan remains as singular – and sophisticated – as ever.
  6. Sep 15, 2020
    It's an offering that might perhaps have been elevated by bolder statements, or at least intimations of an artistic statement. Nevertheless, Happy Birthday is a worthwhile release for its insistence upon being categorized as music without a category.