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  • Summary: The seven-track EP featuring songs from the "Ashes Grammer" session includes three new songs, plus three remixes of the title track.
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  1. Nitetime Rainbows has its moments of bliss, but they aren’t as enveloping as I’d hoped; the problem here is that you wake too early from the dream.
  2. Under The Radar
    This EP delivers exactly what fans want--meticulously layered sonic delicacies, frosted with ethereal female vocals. [Winter 2010, p.71]
  3. Being an EP, Nitetime Rainbows is, naturally, a more digestible chunk of music and an easy one to love at that.
  4. Hidden amidst the LP, these sounds have a transformative, palette-cleansing effect, but even divorced from that context they still make for a marvelously effective mood-setter.
  5. It’s pleasant enough, especially with the shift away from Broken Social Scene towards a dancier Cut Copy aesthetic, but it’s ultimately forgettable. The perfect connector for a full album, but not strong enough to hold its own.
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