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  • Summary: Seal's first studio album since 2003 includes a duet with his wife Heidi Klum.

Top Track

The Right Life
Caught up in my life Waiting to be set free Waiting to find my answer Come if it feels right Now is the time to be No need to find... See the rest of the song lyrics
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  1. His dance-pop tunes are surprisingly fresh and emotionally meaty, without a hint of complacency.
  2. For most of System, the indefatigable drum thumps and whizzing keyboard tones prevent Seal from getting too vaporous, while all his yearning comes through.
  3. The 10 songs are all strong, and placed in an order that creates an emotional arc, like a real--what's that word again?--album.
  4. Entertainment Weekly
    Even when System's rigid tempos grow tedious, its words still move you. [16 Nov 2007, p.78]
  5. System goes down smooth, even if it's rather strange that it is so nostalgic for the pre-Clinton '90s, but this is so much a production piece that, apart from the acoustic 'Rolling,' the only song that stands outside of the sheer sonic gloss is 'Wedding Day,' a genuinely odd piece of kitsch duet with Heidi herself.
  6. People who like him, rejoice. Those who don't may continue to live without his music.
  7. Uncut
    System is like travelling backwards to a time when Trevor Horn and Steve Lipson ruled the earth, except this time the studio overlord is Madonna collaborator, Stuart Price. [Jan 2008, p.100]

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