The Electric Lady - Janelle Monáe
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  • Summary: The second release for the Atlanta R&B singer continues the story of her alter-ego Cindi Mayweather with guest appearances from Erykah Badu, Big Boi, Cee Lo Green, Solange Knowles, Miguel, Prince, and Esperanza Spalding.
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 34 out of 37
  2. Negative: 0 out of 37
  1. Sep 9, 2013
    Existing in layers, The Electric Lady revels in its polarity. The overriding statement, however, is that Janelle Monae has arrived.
  2. 90
    All in all, it is one of the most exceptionally realised albums to enter the world since her last release, and confirms that both as an artist and a role-model Monáe really ought to be celebrated as Electric Lady number one.
  3. 90
    Stellar and superb, The Electric Lady is a fantastic journey filled with impeccable works of modern flair and skill, power up indeed.
  4. Expect more straightforward, big-vocal, soul-funk numbers, and fewer immediate hits. But compared with most R&B records, Monae is still lightyears ahead.
  5. Sep 11, 2013
    This isn’t her masterpiece (that’s to come in the sixth and seventh suites), but it’s only a sliver away.
  6. Sep 9, 2013
    There’s no glorifying of childish trends or negative influences, instead Monae favors creating music that could be embraced by varying demographics and is molded to withstand the test of time.
  7. Sep 10, 2013
    Though long and featuring a bounty of ideas, The Electric Lady is surprisingly slight.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 26 out of 28
  2. Negative: 0 out of 28
  1. Sep 10, 2013
    Without a doubt the best album of the year. Janelle is one of the greats and time will continue to prove that. Consulting greats like Badu, Prince, and Stevie she is continually proving that she belongs in their company. She is a genius. Her maturity, fire and the cohesiveness of this record far exceeds that of her first full length LP 2010's The ArchAndroid, not to mention that impeccable quality. Janelle has truly arrived and she knows it. Just make sure you take notice. Expand
  2. Sep 20, 2013
    it was impossible to discredit Monáe as a moving force in the R&B revival movement given her debut album, but now that The Electric Lady has been released, it's clear she's become a staple in the world of ambitious, artistic music. with many critics and music-goers alike calling this album a "classic" only a week after it's release, it's clear to me that Monáe is one of the most underrated artists of the 2010s. by successfully blending genres together on this double album, Monáe not only nods at past music legends, but sort of paves her way to becoming a legend herself by pushing herself further than the genres she often finds herself locked inside pun not intended. highlights of the album include the seamless transitions between certain songs, most fluidly being the transition between "can't live without your love" and "sally ride" which takes clever use of an ocean sample to link directly to the first line of the latter song (this has also been noted on her last album with the thunder sample between "neon gumbo" and "oh, maker"). the suite overtures are also quite innovative as they contain elements of the actual songs on the album, and vice-versa. even though "what an experience" is a delightfully befitting ending track, I must admit the deluxe version of the album (only available at Target) is most certainly a force to be reckoned with, adding Cee-Lo Green and Big Boi to the album's roster. "hytb" sounds to me like a nod to "sincerely, jane" a track off her the special edition of her debut EP Metropolis in that it directly addresses the state of America, more specifically it's urban areas, while "want you back" is a severely fresh cover of a Jackson 5 favorite. Monáe proves herself once again to be incredibly versatile and unapologetically creative. one could only wonder what suites VI and VII will sound like (I'm sure I'm not the only fan ecstatic about her extending her concept project from 4 to 7 suites). Expand
  3. Nov 11, 2013
    I know it seems like I give every cd ten out of ten, but I am a new reviewer starting with my favorite cd's. Janae this cd is so cool just like taylor swift, I applaud her not caring what the country community may think, the same applies to you and not caring what the r&b community may think it is so funny, even though this cd has a retro 50's and sometimes alternative feel in places, it is still one of the closest r&b cd's to old school i have heard in MANY years and one of the reasons I love it sing along and sexy love you! Expand
  4. Sep 15, 2013
    I kept reading this sentence in many reviews for this album: Janelle Monáe has arrived. I believe this sums up my impression of the album quite accurately. It does feel like a statement, and it should. It is so much better than her debut album, which was a great achievement and still is, and it is by far the best album of the year. It incorporates many genres into a single work of stellar quality. Highly recommended. Expand
  5. Oct 18, 2013
    Impressive as Janelle manages to keep the listener's attention from beginning to end of the disk, without losing control of the rhythm track by track, each song has its touch of beauty, and the contributions of the artists on the new disk on the increased magnitude album, and easy to say which is the best album new soul jazz of the year, further increasing the music of today. Expand
  6. Sep 14, 2013
    If you were to ask a pretentious snobby music critic like myself, "What is your opinion on pop music?" You might hear in reply, "it's nothing but top 40 sh*t from Katy Perry or Lady Gaga." Which in a sense is true. Pop these days is represented by female artist like Perry, Gaga, P!nk, etc. Who's lyrics are lackluster and formulas are almost identical to one another. Luckily for us pretentious kids who still like to shake our hips and not hate our selves for doing so, there's Janelle Monae. Expand
  7. Sep 15, 2013
    'Meh' is about all I could muster after a first listen. I suppose it could grow on me but with regards to first impressions it falls laughably, pathetically short of her previous work on The ArchAndroid. Expand

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