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  • Summary: This odds'n'ends disc compiles covers recorded by Mac McCaughan and his touring band in the studio, acoustic tracks recorded from college radio broadcasts, and one new song.
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  1. Buy this with the full confidence that you are getting your money's worth.
  2. Swallowed whole, Autumn Was a Lark can seem sonically disjointed, but it's also an apt representation of Portastatic's ever-roaming muse.
  3. Its function is not that of a follow-up to Summer but rather as a companion piece that documents a productive period for the band. As such, the record is eminently satisfying, with loose playing and a relaxed air.
  4. This spruced-up EP is devoid of the rampant stylistic deviations that have ruled their later work, instead trading upon simple acoustic song structures and soulful vocal leads that recall the strummy days of I Hope Your Heart is not Brittle.
  5. After the title track steals the show, the rest of the record feels flat and lifeless.
  6. Alternative Press
    Succeeds only as an inessential novelty. [Jan 2004, p.98]