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  • Summary: The final album for the former TLC member features songs recorded before her death in 2002.

Top Track

Lets Just Do It
Exclusive sagas Uh, yea, come on We gonna do this one right here (I like this) Lets just do it See when I wanna do something I just do what I feel,... See the rest of the song lyrics
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  1. It is stronger all-around than "Supernova," the poor 2001 album that never came out in the States, with the stitches less audible than the average post-humous album. And yet, nothing here comes close to rivaling the best TLC material.
  2. The irony is that such a colorful person and performer in life has seen so little of that fire (no pun intended for those who recall Lopes' most infamous exploit) carry over to her work.
  3. Eye Legacy is but another posthumous compilation matching a much-missed talent's unused vocals (many from an eight-year-old solo album that only came out overseas) with tinny new beats and random guests.
  4. 40
    Eye Legacy renames and remixes several Supernova tracks and finishes off some previously unreleased jams with diminished results.
  5. With a slapdash track list that intersperses previously unreleased cuts with lightly retooled versions of tunes from Left Eye's import-only solo debut, Eye Legacy still feels like an after-the-fact throw-away, one that makes you wonder just what its creators were attempting to say about their dearly departed friend.
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