• Record Label: BMG
  • Release Date: Sep 9, 2022

Generally favorable reviews - based on 12 Critic Reviews

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 11 out of 12
  2. Negative: 0 out of 12
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  1. Sep 13, 2022
    How Do You Burn? finds the Whigs in particularly lusty form.
  2. 80
    How does it burn? Darkly, but with sparks.
  3. Sep 9, 2022
    Aside from the opening track, How Do You Burn? lacks the raw intensity frequently found on early Afghan Whigs releases. But what it lacks in power, the album makes up for in intricate arrangements, dense compositions drawing upon the band’s unique alchemy of influences, and infectious beats.
  4. Sep 9, 2022
    How Do You Burn? may take a few spins before you can differentiate it from other recent Dulli releases, but spooky treasures lie beneath when you take the trouble.
  5. Sep 8, 2022
    Their third and most arresting record since their reformation.
  6. Uncut
    Sep 8, 2022
    [Greg Dulli has] pulled the Whigs back into (sharp) focus. ... Closer “In Flames” is a welcome reminder that few can match the Whigs in the slow-burn desperation stakes. [Oct 2022, p.23]
  7. Mojo
    Sep 8, 2022
    How Do You Burn? finds the group on vintage form throughout. [Oct 2022, p.82]
  8. 80
    How Do You Burn? ups the ante on its two predecessors going deeper in a richly assured display of Dulli and the band’s abilities.
  9. Sep 9, 2022
    How Do You Burn? boasts a mixtape-like eclecticism, communal bonhomie, and psychedelic texture that feel untethered to the Whigs’ past playbooks.
  10. Sep 12, 2022
    How Do You Burn? is uneven though, sometimes clichéd, and there are stretches here more concerned with sound than with song, but with epic, textured production from Dulli and longtime collaborator Christopher Thorn, that’s partly understandable. The diamond may not always shine quite the way it used to, then, but it seems there’s plenty of black gold left in The Afghan Whigs.
  11. 70
    An impressive collection that’s innovative and inventive if not collaborative.
  12. Sep 16, 2022
    How Do You Burn? suggests he needs a fiercer and more energetic team of underlings if he's going to remain a force to be reckoned with.

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