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  • Summary: The 27th full-length studio release from the Melvins was mixed and co-produced by Toshi Kasai.
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  1. The Wire
    Apr 17, 2024
    “Working The Ditch” and “Smiler” sound like they could come from the same sessions as Melvins’ 1993 major label debut Houdini. But there are atypical twists in “She’s Got Weird Arms”, whose new wave-ish verses are broken up by cascades of bug-eyed dissonance and “Allergic To Food”, which reminds this listener of “Forkboy” by Al Jourgensen and Jello Biafra’s side-project Lard with the tempo lowered to mid. [May 2024, p.50]
  2. Apr 17, 2024
    The result is a series of songs that have the expansiveness of improvisational music, disciplined into the taut power of rock.
  3. Uncut
    Apr 17, 2024
    A squealing noise-rock juggernaut that balances gruff anthemicism with a certain improvisatory elan. [May 2024, p.38]
  4. Apr 23, 2024
    What sets the album apart from what they’ve churned out the past 18 years is its ability to channel exactly what has always made them great, while injecting a renewed sense of genuine musical creativity that finally sticks it to the tired notion that all they needed to do was play around with a new gimmick.
  5. Apr 17, 2024
    Tarantula Heart's five tracks contain more than an album's worth of weirdness and power. It's a wild ride, even for the Melvins, and further solidifies their status as seemingly invincible practitioners of heavy, messed-up music.
  6. Apr 18, 2024
    Tarantula Heart is messier than most Melvins albums, and it doesn’t have as many great hooks as fans are used to. While it doesn’t hold up to the band’s best albums, there’s plenty to enjoy for those who like the band’s quirkier side.