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  • Summary: Ex-Working For A Nuclear Free City guitarist Gary McClure added Ian Reitz, Josh Van Hoorebeke, and his wife, Bridgette Imperial for his second full-length release as American Wrestlers.
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  1. Nov 4, 2016
    There’s a great and clear leap forward this time around, but this still has all the cornerstones of what drove so much attention: the ability to lull listeners through power pop or be taken in dreamlike trances, lyrics that take you on new journeys with every listen.
  2. Q Magazine
    Nov 15, 2016
    McClure says he's regressed to the catchy rock essentials after years spent experimenting: smart move. [Jan 2017, p.104]
  3. Uncut
    Nov 22, 2016
    At their best, on "Someone Far Away" and "Give Up," the group blends pop sparkle and melancholy indie charm in the manner of The Chills. [Jan 2017, p.21]
  4. 75
    Songs like “Give Up”, “So Long”, “Terrible Youth”--all of them, really, there are only nine--are fuzzed out and unfussy, but not just simple pleasures. They kick in the door but then make themselves welcome for a long stay.
  5. Nov 1, 2016
    Although the scattered nature of some of the songs keeps any single narrative from taking shape, the album is a significant improvement for a band that’s still coming into its own, still, in other words, in its youth.
  6. Dec 12, 2016
    It does breeze on by without any major impact, but there’s a select number of pleasantly bittersweet cuts that are sure to liven up your afternoon commute for weeks on end.
  7. Nov 3, 2016
    While Amazing Grace has the low-key wistfulness of late-era Teenage Fanclub. Yet with this narrowing of focus comes a sense of safeness, and you can’t help but miss the sense of risk-taking that characterised McClure’s ramshackle early work.

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