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  • Summary: The third album for the Danish band was produced by Gareth Jones and recorded with a live band.
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  1. That the record plays out so consistently and yet flows with such apparent ease is testament to the skills honed by the band since its inception back in Copenhagen in 2000.
  2. It’s focused, and superbly executed, but forgoes immersive longevity for determined immediacy.
  3. Magic Chairs is an album that understands the importance of harmonies, and the importance of the score.
  4. Paired down to their essence, this distilled Efterklang is premium strength stuff.
  5. It's emotional music, full of subtle ­tension and lurking drama.
  6. It's a little too easy to hear the band in Arcade Fire mode here and Coldplay mode there, which raises the uncomfortable question of what, exactly, Efterklang sounds like in Efterklang mode. That's not a question that Magic Chairs resolves, but it ends up being quite a lot of fun just listening to them play around with some possible answers.
  7. The album struggles at times to raise its head from the multi-instrumental pack; textured as it is, there’s a muted quality to this collection that inevitably leaves ears slightly cold. It’s pretty, but not always gripping.

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