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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 13 out of 14
  2. Negative: 0 out of 14
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  1. 90
    Flood is a superb album, by an artist who hasn’t even given us a glimpse of her potential. It’s charming and enjoyable and engaging and attractive and all of the adjectives you could ever want out of an indie-pop record - and not only does it hold up to multiple listens, it actually seems to expand and grow in stature with each run-through.
  2. Aug 25, 2022
    Flood doesn’t quite reach for the same comedic relief that its predecessor gleaned. But that’s a good thing—both records are necessary in Donnelly’s canon. She could’ve easily made a second record about the assholes of the world who move beside her (the well is, unfortunately, always brimming with material), but maybe the most remarkable thing about her sophomore effort is that her independence is a wrecking ball.
  3. 80
    Beautiful. These are soft, lush pieces that deep-dive into life’s everyday moments and turn them into something extraordinary.
  4. Aug 25, 2022
    Flood is an album that requires patient and careful listening, peeling back the layers in each song to find the pulsing heart beneath. There’s nothing as immediate as the songs on Donnelly’s debut, but that’s not a bad thing – these 11 tracks ebb and flow like water, washing into and over one another to create a sense of something pure and boundless.
  5. Aug 24, 2022
    Flood is a musical and lyrical leap forward that delivers a multitude of rewards. That it ends in Donnelly’s strongest composition to date makes for literal icing on the cake.
  6. Mojo
    Aug 22, 2022
    Though musically more fulsome, lyrics are still key. [Sep 2022, p.96]
  7. Uncut
    Aug 22, 2022
    The songwriter’s takes on treacherous relationships come with a Vampire Weekend-ish talent for a multi-part melody and Phoebe Bridgers’ ear for pertinent one-liners, the stately “Underwater”, “Move Me”, the title track and bedsit-ABBA kiss-off “Cold” all deep, powerful, overwhelming. [Sep 2022, p.23]
  8. Aug 24, 2022
    It’s as if she’s stepping outside those limited bounds for the first time in a long time, confident that she can take a risk and still find a soft place to land. Her quiet yet spirited second album offers one too.
  9. Aug 29, 2022
    In some respects Flood expects less of its listeners, laying much of its charm and sweet melodies on the surface, but it also begs to be discovered, re-discovered, and treasured by those who dare to dive deeper. Those who take that step will find a singular singer/songwriter talent, one whose sophomore effort manages to be just as rewarding as its predecessor, yet in a subtly different way.
  10. Sep 8, 2022
    It's Donnelly's strong songwriting voice -- both in terms of core music and lyrics -- that dominates here and is likely to re-engage fans.
  11. Aug 24, 2022
    Flood is much less didactic than its predecessor — it isn't Donnelly's job to teach us, but she still demands and warrants our attention.
  12. Aug 23, 2022
    Flood may not have quite the impact that her debut did, but it ably demonstrates why she’ll be around for many years to come.
  13. Aug 22, 2022
    Flood sees Donnelly stretching into new sonic territory and refining the at times jagged indie rock of her promising debut. While there aren’t any songs here as immediate or infectious as “Tricks” or “Lunch,” or ones as lyrically potent as “Mosquito,” Donnelly’s growth as a musician reveals her to be more versatile than her past releases let on.
  14. Aug 22, 2022
    While her captivating vocals remain, Donnelly’s lack of bark and bite from the debut means this record, as the name suggests, mostly washes over you.

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