• Record Label: Columbia
  • Release Date: Jun 26, 2020

Universal acclaim - based on 21 Critic Reviews

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 21 out of 21
  2. Mixed: 0 out of 21
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  1. Jun 26, 2020
    They translate desolation into richly searching music, putting familiar sounds through their distinctive filter: fluttering G-funk (3am), homages to Walk on the Wild Side (Summer Girl) and Joni Mitchell at her most seething (Man from the Magazine, an acoustic riposte to a leering journalist), and Led Zep bounce (Up From a Dream).
  2. 100
    Haim take us through a dark place and they do it frankly. But they never let the momentum dip. And they never lose sight of the light at the end of the tunnel.
  3. Jun 25, 2020
    Women In Music Part III just hits it from top to bottom. It is the album in which Haim at last fulfil their potential, a summery California pop rock treat in which the blissful ambience is backed up with emotional grit and substance.
  4. 100
    By breaking from what the world might expect from them and letting themselves do whatever the hell they want, they have produced a record that’s experimental, soothing and vulnerable; it’s a thing of great beauty.
  5. Jun 26, 2020
    Succeeds through the sheer brilliance of its songwriting and the trio’s palpable love of their craft. While perfectly capturing the zeitgeist, HAIM carry the passion, creativity and joy to also cement ‘Women In Music Pt. III’ as a timeless classic.
  6. Jun 25, 2020
    This album is their strongest, longest collection of songs to date, and it is enormous, but the HAIM sisters have tamed that ambition into something effortless.
  7. Jun 25, 2020
    It’s Haim as we haven’t quite heard them before: not just eminently proficient musicians, entertainers, and “women in music,” but full of flaws and contradictions, becoming something much greater.
  8. 83
    By further broadening their scope of sound, HAIM create a wide window for listeners to find something of resonance within Women in Music Pt. III.
  9. Jun 29, 2020
    Our flaws are what make us more experienced, relatable individuals, so by learning to embrace the power in their weakest points, HAIM have created their best work to date.
  10. Jun 26, 2020
    Women in Music Pt. III is by no means perfect, but its strengths assuredly outweigh the weaknesses. Haim feel completely in the moment here, and are working stronger than ever as a unit.
  11. Jun 26, 2020
    Women in Music Pt. III flips between the band's least and most processed work to date. Both sides yield highlights. ... It's as multifaceted as the music it encapsulates and the women who made it.
  12. Jun 26, 2020
    This new album shows that they are capable of not only subverting the expectations of the audience, but subverting expectations of the music world in general.
  13. Jun 26, 2020
    This newfound looseness and fluidity suits them. Best believe that Haim still has chops and a bar band’s encyclopedic knowledge of rock riffs, but on its third album it’s finally learned how to carry those things lightly enough to move with its own particular stride.
  14. Jun 25, 2020
    We’re graced with upbeat music, the antidote for the negativity that surrounds us. They speak out and speak up about the wrongs that surround them, like the patriarchal limitations placed on them ('Man In The Magazine'), but also explore the joy of the everyday ('Hallelujah').
  15. Uncut
    Jun 19, 2020
    We find all sorts of intriguing experiments. [Aug 2020, p.30]
  16. Mojo
    Jun 16, 2020
    They've upped their game. [Jun 2020, p.87]
  17. Q Magazine
    Jun 16, 2020
    This zeitgeist-friendly genre-hopping proves the trio are moving with the times, but it's satisfying to note that when they return to their starkly simple, powerful melodic trademark sound on closer Hallelujah, Haim remain in a league of their own. [Jun 2020, p.94]
  18. Jun 16, 2020
    The album is an immediate gem in their still-expanding catalog; it’s a resonant reflection on pain, depression, love and home that forsakes some of their big, drum-heavy pop leanings for a smoother, more inward experience.
  19. 75
    WIMPIII culminates in a kind of languidness which shows that sometimes you have to let the songs lead you, rather than coercing them into something they shouldn’t be. There’s a coherence that exudes from the sparsity in the songs, and they’re never left feeling empty.
  20. Jun 30, 2020
    Overall, WIMPEE is an easy album to love, which, more than anything else, shows the trio's natural chemistry as musicians. ... Having chosen to maintain an upbeat, positive outlook to outweigh all the despair does big favors to the band—featuring a sparkling production that fits many, many moods—though it makes one wonder what could've been had they let us in just a little bit more.
  21. Jun 26, 2020
    HAIM on record comes across best when not overly fussed up or cluttered over and the many standouts on Women in Music Pt. III prove that point repeatedly. The remainder of it could do with some trimming of the fat and taking it easy on the condiments.
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Universal acclaim- based on 126 Ratings

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  1. Jun 29, 2020
    The sisters return with a mature record where indie rock, folk, pop and more experimental moments coexist in harmony. They rescue, the essenceThe sisters return with a mature record where indie rock, folk, pop and more experimental moments coexist in harmony. They rescue, the essence of the predecessors albums, however, allow themselves to advance creatively, moving between genres and different possibilities within the studio. Songs that evoke the work of veterans like Fleetwood Mac and Sheryl Crow, however, find in themes like depression and isolation a component of the Californian trio. Full Review »
  2. Jun 26, 2020
    Just proof that females do rock better than the guys. Brilliant album, they've set the bar in the stars.
  3. Jun 27, 2020
    From subtle confessions to vulnerability reveals, HAIM constantly delivered with such a rockstar attitude.