• Record Label: Republic
  • Release Date: Jan 7, 2022

Universal acclaim - based on 24 Critic Reviews

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 24 out of 24
  2. Mixed: 0 out of 24
  3. Negative: 0 out of 24
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  1. Jan 7, 2022
    The first big album of 2022 delivers like an 80 lb. baby.
  2. Jan 7, 2022
    2020s pop music so brilliantly crafted that it causes you to realise how much other 2020s pop music is makeweight.
  3. Jan 7, 2022
    “After Hours” has resonated for nearly two years after its release, and in the face of another phase of a daunting pandemic, it seems that “Dawn FM” — possibly the Weeknd’s best and most fully realized album to date — will help carry fans through this one as well.
  4. Jan 12, 2022
    With Dawn FM The Weeknd has demonstrated a vision that the vast majority of his peers would be incapable of, and has executed it with finesse and a slippery, enigmatic charm.
  5. Jan 10, 2022
    “Dawn FM,” his fifth major-label album, is sleek and vigorous and also, again, a light reimagining of what big-tent music might sound like now, in an era when most global stars have abandoned the concept.
  6. Jan 10, 2022
    It's a brilliant new benchmark in his already stellar discography, showcasing just how much of an artistic powerhouse he has become and a clear shift from the darkness that his music, even at its poppiest, once embodied.
  7. Jan 10, 2022
    The album’s features are among the best in the Weeknd catalogue, highlighting love and loss spanning decades.
  8. 83
    Dawn FM might be just shy of summoning the truly divine, but its best moments provide enough blinding light to counter the increasingly enveloping gloom of 2022.
  9. Jan 24, 2022
    It's invigorating, vulnerable and, at times, uncomfortably raw.
  10. Jan 18, 2022
    Musically, Dawn FM mirrors Tesfaye’s disquiet, its buffed electronic sheen ruptured by moments of discord, as when ballad Starry Eyes teeters on the brink of implosion. It’s a state that Tesfaye seems to relish, with often stunning results.
  11. Jan 13, 2022
    Tesfaye's almost fathomless vocal facility elevates even the most rudimentary expressions of co-dependency, despair, regret, and obsession, and he helps it all go down easier with station ID jingles and an amusingly hyped-up ad for "a compelling work of science fiction" called (the) "After Life."
  12. Jan 13, 2022
    Admittedly, The Weeknd is light years away from the sounds of Trilogy and a lot closer to the sounds of After Hours and Starboy, but one thing is for sure: this album is much closer to excellence than his last offerings.
  13. Jan 10, 2022
    Dawn FM is no Thriller by any means (sorry Timbaland) but it’s a solid chapter in the story of an artist who continues to unabashedly defy expectations. And ultimately, we’re lucky to be along for the ride.
  14. Jan 10, 2022
    This is the Weeknd’s most ambitious project in sound and scope, and the most effective record he’s put out in years. Part of the thrill comes from hearing him take himself a little less seriously
  15. Jan 7, 2022
    Rather than looking outward or upward, though, Dawn FM is a woozy, psychedelic deep dive inside the artist’s famously twisted psyche.
  16. Jan 7, 2022
    Whilst it lacks the character and vivacity of its predecessor, ‘Dawn FM’ develops the latest reinvention of the Weeknd with its dramatic instrumentation and refreshed view of the world.
  17. 80
    Dawn FM is his most ambitious album to date, and one that shows welcome signs of emotional and psychological growth.
  18. 80
    What better balm for the start of another troubled year than our biggest star making music as good as this?
  19. 80
    New record is a self-knowing contradiction to The Weeknd’s past celebrations of impermanence via one-night stands and sleazy affairs. Now he understands, even regrets, his flighty behaviour.
  20. Dawn FM feels like the first steps on a journey for The Weeknd to find peace with himself; perhaps next time we hear from him, he’ll be fully embracing the light of day.
  21. 80
    Exquisitely rendered tunes lush with echoes of Michael Jackson and Depeche Mode. ... The songs boogie and shimmer just so; the melodies ache with longing and regret. And these vocals! Over forget-me-not grooves as finely detailed as any Mtume or Patrice Rushen fan could want, the Weeknd sings more beautifully than he ever has on “Dawn FM.” ... The year’s first great album.
  22. Jan 6, 2022
    Dawn FM is well-polished — co-executive producer Max Martin makes sure of it — while maintaining its dexterity, punch and sex appeal, in step with most of The Weeknd’s catalog. It’s mercifully cohesive, too, a rare A-list pop album that actually rewards the listener for engaging with it in sequence.
  23. Jan 6, 2022
    On his fifth album, Dawn FM, the Weeknd focuses those interstellar ambitions to anoint us with the most enchanting music to the portal through purgatory.
  24. Jan 14, 2022
    The Canadian megastar avoids the pitfalls of cheap, nostalgia bait by earnestly repurposing and breathing life into deep cuts from a bygone era.
User Score

Universal acclaim- based on 1131 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Jan 7, 2022
    Just an amazing album.Whole radio thing was brilliant.Great vocals from weeknd
  2. Jan 7, 2022
    After two listening sessions im all in to say that this is a masterpiece from start to finish. It feels like a 50 minute long experience. TheAfter two listening sessions im all in to say that this is a masterpiece from start to finish. It feels like a 50 minute long experience. The transitions are perfect and none of the songs were bad. My favourites were defenitely ''Less then Zero" and ''Out of Time''.

    I can see real OG XO fans wouldn't like this cause its soo diferent then what he did before. But for me this is just perfect!
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  3. Jan 7, 2022
    This album is very good and pleasing to listen to. I love the concept and it is sonically next level. Not better than After Hours in my opinion.